Adventures in Research: Issue 4

‘Tis the season for wacky weather, endless shopping, and holiday parties. We know it’s a busy time for everyone, so we’ll keep this greeting short and sweet so we can get right to the good stuff.

BOOM! Exciting Announcement . . .

It’s official! We’re thrilled to announce that Lynch Research Associates is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBENC).

Wondering why you might care? When you partner with a WBENC-certified business, you . . .

  • Get a “leg up” (in the form of extra points) when submitting proposals for state and federal contracts.
  • Fulfill federal requirements for contracting with minority- and women-owned businesses.
  • Support a women-owned business.
  • Get a plethora of bad research puns and jokes at no cost! (OK, that last one is a bonus when you work with us, not something to expect from all WBENC-certified businesses in general.)

Want to tap into these benefits by working with us?

p.s. If you’re also a Women Owned business that wants help getting certified, let’s chat! We have some time saving tips and tricks that we learned along the way that we’d love to pass along.

What We’re Geeking Out About . . .

Surprisingly, one of the most understudied periods within the first two decades of life is the end of adolescence, when young people make that critical transition into adulthood. We LOVE digging into this period of incredible promise, exploration, and challenge.

That’s why we enjoyed helping The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations explore the burgeoning field of undergraduate Good Life courses and their role in promoting young people’s sense of purpose and meaning.

Check out a synopsis of our work in Inside Higher Ed.

Question of the Week! What About Institutional Review Board (IRB) Approval?

One of the most common questions we receive is this: “How do you get IRB approval for research and evaluation without a university affiliation?”

Our answer: We partner with certified third-party IRBs that operate under research standards established by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

Along the way, we’ve learned a few things about third-party IRBs. Here’s what to ask when selecting a third-party IRB to review your research or evaluation protocol:

  • Is the IRB registered with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP)?
  • What are the qualifications of the review board members? Are they Certified IRB Professionals (CIPs)?
  • What are the IRB’s fees and turnaround times?
  • Are they accustomed to reviewing research from your research topic area (broadly speaking)?

Client Spotlight

We Are Thriving Together

Can we talk about the amazing Dr. Jess Bartlett and her team at Thriving Together? Jess is a nationally recognized expert in early childhood development and wins federal and foundation grant funding seemingly just by opening her eyes each morning! For just over two years now, we’ve been helping Jess generate those pesky quarterly and annual grant reports.

You know the reports I’m talking about—the required reports that take you out of your zone of genius and throw you into data-cleaning rabbit holes that you can’t get out of. Luckily, data-cleaning rabbit holes and analyses are our zone of genius. Hit us up if you’d like us to take grant reporting off your plate so you can get back to doing what you do best.

What’s Next For Us

We have openings for organizations interested in conducting evaluations of their youth programming or curriculum in 2024.

For us, evaluation is all about meeting organizations exactly where they are. Is this your first foray into evaluation? Let’s talk about capacity building and logic model development. Are you ready to build on the solid evaluation work you’ve already done? Let’s talk about mixed methods quasi-experimental designs.

On behalf of all of us at LRA, we wish you a joyful season and a happy new year.

See you in 2024!

The Team at Lynch Research Associates

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