Case Study

Rewarding Collaborations on Federal Grants

How the Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) works with Lynch Research Associates.

About WCW

The faculty members at Wellesley Centers for Women (WCW) are world-renowned experts in their respective fields who conduct innovative research to better understand issues related to women.

WCW’s collaboration with Lynch Research Associates

LRA first began working with WCW in 2017, when Dr. Jennifer Grossman, a faculty member at WCW, had a successfully funded federal grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that required the help of a lead statistician with expertise in psychometric testing and longitudinal statistical modeling.

Federal grants are among the most difficult grants to obtain. Only the top researchers and experts in their fields receive them. We’re honored that the faculty members at WCW have placed their trust in Lynch Research Associates. This speaks to our strength as methodologists and statisticians.

For Dr. Grossman’s project, Lynch Research Associates performed all the statistical modeling that was required and helped the faculty generate a series of peer-reviewed publications.

Since then, we’ve collaborated with other WCW faculty, helping them write winning federal and foundation grant proposals, serving as the lead methodologist on funded grants, and producing numerous peer-reviewed publications. This work has been cited in other academic publications and picked up by the popular media.

Dr. Grossman says, “As a principal investigator on numerous federally funded projects, I have partnered with Lynch Research Associates on grants and journal submissions for many years because they are professional, highly responsive, and bring both detailed and big-picture approaches to their work.”

Below are a few examples of the work that we’ve helped WCW faculty produce.