Statistical Support

Statistical consulting using the most up-to-date modeling procedures

Lynch Research Associates are highly skilled statisticians, with extensive training in the most up-to-date statistical modeling procedures including: Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM), Structural Equational Modeling (SEM), propensity score analysis techniques, mediation and moderation analyses, fixed effects models, latent class and latent growth analyses, and procedures for managing missing data. 


At Lynch Research Associates we are able to move easily across statistical software platforms to suit clients' needs. Do you want your team to learn more about statistical software? See our Trainings and Workshops page for a list of our workshops in Stata, SPSS, MPlus and R. 


Are you looking for expert guidance to make sense of your data?

We answer your data-related questions with rigorous analyses and straight-forward, accessible interpretations.

Abbreviated List of Our Statistical Expertise:


- Hierarchical Linear Modeling (HLM)
- Longitudinal analyses
- Structural Equational Modeling (SEM)
- Propensity score analysis techniques
- Mediation and moderation analyses
- Fixed effects models
- Latent class and latent growth analyses
- Procedures for managing missing data

- Linear and non-linear regression

- Analyses with dichotomous and categorical data


- Two (or more) sample comparisons

- Non-parametric tests

- Descriptive analyses