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Dr. Alicia Doyle Lynch, Founder of Lynch Research Associates, is a Developmental Psychologist specializing in statistical and methodological approaches for studying child and adolescent development. For over a decade, she has been contributing statistical and methodological expertise to grants and research programs in academic and non-academic settings. She has expertise in the most up-to-date statistical modeling strategies and methodological techniques and is highly skilled in assisting organizations in the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of data and the development of research programs that promote strategic change.




At Lynch Research Associates, our goal is to help transform data into meaningful information and present data and research in a manner that allows statistics and methodology to be accessible to audiences with varying levels of statistical understanding. Entities find themselves at different points in the research spectrum. While some are just beginning to develop systems for collecting and managing data, others are overwhelmed with data or ready to add rigorous evaluation to their programming. Our goal is to meet you where you are and provide the expertise required to help you better understand and serve your clients and provide your team and your empirically-savvy stakeholders with the research-based evidence they increasingly desire.


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