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The people behind Lynch Research Associates

Alicia Doyle Lynch, Ph.D., Founder of Lynch Research Associates, has been contributing statistical and methodological expertise to grants and research programs in academic and non-academic settings for over 15 years. She has expertise in the most up-to-date statistical modeling strategies and methodological techniques and is highly skilled in assisting organizations in the collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of data and the development of research programs that promote strategic change. Alicia has published her own work extensively and has helped clients publish in top-tier peer review academic journals, op-eds in national periodicals, and widely disseminated research briefs. She thrives in meeting the challenges that come with every new research project and the process of bringing nascent research questions through the rigors of research and evaluation. 

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Kristina Schmid Callina, PhD, is a Developmental Psychologist with expertise in developmental methods, including longitudinal study design and data analytic techniques. Before joining Lynch Research Associates, Kristina was a Research Assistant Professor at the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development in the Eliot-Pearson Department of Child Study and Human Development at Tufts University from 2014-2018, where her research focused on positive youth development from childhood through early adulthood. Kristina has overseen and managed multiple longitudinal national research projects and published her findings extensively in in top-tier peer review journals. At Lynch Research Associates, Kristina is a highly effective, energetic project leader, using her extensive methodological, statistical, and theoretical training to bring client's research goals to life, and bridge the gap between data and real-world solutions. Kristina is a master of the "big picture," constantly connecting the dots between seemingly pedantic data points and client's larger research goals.

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Amanda Richer, M.A., has been managing the development and implementation of federal, foundation and industry-sponsored grants and research projects for over a decade. At Lynch Research Associates, Amanda oversees the day-to-day organization and coordination of recruiting participants, collecting and cleaning data, and ensuring all data collection and management processes are both theoretically and empirically sound. Amanda's extreme attention to detail and seemingly inexhaustible drive to ensure the quality of each data point allow clients to feel confident that the research findings we help them disseminate are backed by a solid foundation of sound data and rigorous methodology.


Hillary Schaefer, Ph.D., is a research scientist and licensed clinical psychologist, with topic expertise in social-emotional functioning, bias, gender issues, personality, group dynamics, mental health, performance, exercise, and physiology. Hillary has worked in diverse research and clinical roles in educational, hospital, clinical outpatient, and military settings. Her publication record spans nearly two decades and includes a large variety of methods, statistical techniques, and theoretical backgrounds in psychology, education, and neuroscience. At Lynch Research Associates, Hillary is a dynamic project leader, providing methodological and statistical expertise to federal and foundation-sponsored grant projects. Hillary's creative analytic approaches and expertise in navigating the excitement and challenges of the peer review publication process make her a favorite among clients aiming to bring their research agendas to the next level.