Amanda Richer, M.A.

Amanda Richer, M.A.

Amanda has been managing the development and implementation of federal, foundation, and industry-sponsored grants and research projects for over a decade. At Lynch Research Associates, Amanda oversees the day-to-day organization and coordination of recruiting participants, collecting and cleaning data, and ensuring all data collection and management processes are both theoretically and empirically sound.

Amanda’s extreme attention to detail and seemingly inexhaustible drive to ensure the quality of each data point allow clients to feel confident that the research findings we help them disseminate are backed by a solid foundation of sound data and rigorous methodology.

Lightning Round

  • Star WarsStar Trek, neither: Neither
  • Favorite food: Pizza
  • A little-known fact about me: I really enjoy cooking and baking.
  • How I unwind: Going for a walk or watching TV

Words to live by: “You can’t fix by analysis what you bungled by design.” Light, Singer and Willett